3. VEMEO
  4. Screencast – O – Matic

You Will Need Screencast – O – Matic CLICK HERE

  1. You need the professional screen recorder which is a 3 year license $30 one time.
  2. You need to subscribe to the unlimited video hosting for $10/month

You Will Need To Download Zoom For Live Webinars & One On One Coaching Sessions CLICK HERE

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Text marketing is an option for anyone who enjoys writing and images or for anyone who is just not ready to host live events or shoot videos. It’s a great way to still be able to generate traffic, leads, and sales. A lot of people don’t talk much about this form of marketing, but I will explain a little about text marketing and how you can use it to your advantage in whatever business you are building.

When marketing by text you need to have attention grabbing ad copy and perhaps images. Google will be your best friend when you are incorporating text marketing in your business. You want to look for attractive images that are related to whatever it is you are writing about in your content.

You can apply text marketing and images to your email follow-up series or your email broadcasts. You can learn how to tell captivating and powerful stories all via text, while compelling people to take action in supporting your income.

You can text on social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more. You can grab an attractive image and display words on them using free image editing websites like, and more. You’ll also want to learn how to use Google slides.

There is a whole audience of people that will appreciate your text marketing, like people who enjoy reading text or people who are deaf and have no choice but to read. You just need to learn how to create strong and compelling content that is effective and will convert traffic into leads and ultimately leads into sales either directly or indirectly.

Text will play a huge part when you are connecting one on one with prospects through email or social media chat private chat box. You can start, maintain, and close a conversation with no voice or video involved when you learn how to write and communicate effectively.

Overall you can build a successful business using text marketing. You can inspire, motivate, and educate with your words when you learn how to communicate effectively online and offline.